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1.1 – International Comparison of Sustainable Rating Tools

  This paper undertakes an international comparison of global sustainability tools and examines their characteristics and differences.   Authors: Richard Reed, Anita Bilos, Sara Wilkinson, and Karl-Werner Schulte

1.2 – Effect of LEED Ratings and Levels on Office Property Assessed and Market Values

  This study examines the effect of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings and certification levels on Assessed (AV) and Market Values (MV), while controlling for a property’s characteristics and its location.   Author: Sofia V. Dermisi

1.3 – An Investigation of the Effect of Eco-Labeling on Office Occupancy Rates

  This paper investigates the effect of eco-labeling on the occupancy rates of commercial offices in the United States.   Authors: Franz Fuerst and Patrick McAllister

1.4 – Green Buildings and Productivity

  The cost to provide healthier environments is modest compared to the benefits.   Authors: Norm G. Miller, Dave Pogue, Quiana D. Gough, and Susan M. Davis

1.5 – How Risky Are Sustainable Real Estate Projects?

  Recent empirical evidence on rent and occupancy premiums associated with sustainable buildings is used to evaluate risks and returns associated with green real estate development projects.   Author: Jerry Jackson

1.6 – Removing Market Barriers to Green Development

  This paper examines how the market may intentionally or unintentionally create barriers to green development practices.   Author: Christopher Choi

1.7 – The Effect of State and City Green Policies on the Market Penetration of Green Commercial Buildings

  Pro-green building policies originated in the not-for-profit sector, and have worked their way into public policy since their inception in the early 1990s.   Authors: Robert A. Simons, Eugene Choi, and Donna M. Simons

1.8 – Sustainable Real Estate Development: The Dynamics of Market Penetration

  This paper uses three different data sources to examine the rate of growth of sustainable development practices.   Author: John Goering

1.9 – Sustainability of Sustainable Real Property Development

  This paper investigates commercial buildings users’ perception of the benefits of green buildings and how this perception influences their decision to occupy and/or invest in them.   Authors: Kwame Addae-Dapaah, Liow Kim Hiang, and Neo Yen Shi, Sharon

1.10 – Step-by-Step to Sustainable Property Investment Products

  This paper sets out a strategy for the development, implementation, and widespread dissemination of sustainable investment products (sustainable property funds) for the property industry.   Authors: Christoph Rohde and Thomas Lu

1.11 – The Green Building Impact Report 2008

  This is the executive summary of the first annual Green Building Impact Report, an in-depth look at how LEED-certified and built-to-LEED buildings are affecting land, water, energy, materials, and employee productivity.   Author: Rob Watson

1.12 – Personal Perspectives on LEED Management and Investment

  In May of 2009, Jason Tuomey conducted interviews that provide some in-the-trench perspectives on the sustainability trends in real estate.   Author: Jason Tuomey

1.13 – Journal Manuscript Prize Winners

2009 American Real Estate Society Manuscript Prizes  

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